Yaxley Festival 2019

During the second week of May, our Young Technicians were working tirelessly at the Yaxley Festival grounds to turn the empty field into a full festival ready for the weekend. Through out the week we had almost every single secondary Young Tech student working alongside several industry professionals building stages, rigging lighting and patching in sound, A few of our older Techs also helped build parameters  and learning the operations side of the festival. This festival allowed our students to work with big bands such as Austin Gold and Groove Cartell! Students also gained an in-site into live visuals and camera footage working with our friends at Service AV.

Daniel who was our mainstage lighting engineer wrote: "Being the mainstage lighting engineer for the whole weekend was an incredible experience, getting the opportunity to operate on a large stage for thousands of people to watch. It was great to be able to light for so many different genres, to learn a new lighting desk so quickly, to see some of my contributions added to the main stage design and to hear the feedback from those that witnessed it. It has really given a boost to my confidence and creativity with my designs and I will look back on it proudly as an amazing experience"

Yax Fest Crew.jpg