Arts Award

· What is the Arts Award?

 The Arts Award is a multi-levelled qualification that recognises students’ development in the arts.

· What do they have to do?

Students complete a series of tasks, as described by the tutor team, some of which take place within sessions and festivals and others which students can complete in their own time. Much of it is orientated around the student’s own interest in the arts – like developing their knowledge in different fields, researching practitioners, seeing arts events and also applying what they have learnt in the real world. Specific task PowerPoints are provided to students for their specific qualification, and clarification can be gained via email to the Arts Award Administrator.

· What is the qualification worth?

There are 3 levels – Bronze is worth half a GCSE, Silver is worth a whole GCSE, and Gold is worth an AS Level. These can be put on your UCAS application and CV.

· What else do students gain?

A number of transferrable skills are also gained with specific units on leadership and communication and an opportunity for students to choose what they wish to develop – from skills like time management to their interests like whether they wish to do for example lighting or visuals. It is particularly useful for students who wish to pursue a career in the arts as it gives a formal qualification to back up their experiences.

· How much does it cost?

This is provided as part of your usual course fees so there is no extra charge. Students are not expected to spend any money on doing the qualification – for example there are many free arts events to visit. In terms of arts development, much of the software is available for free which tutors can advise on. Of course, if students really develop an interest and wish to purchase equipment to better enable them to go further then we only encourage this.

· How long should it take?

The qualifications increase in difficulty so reflect this in the amount of time. It is really up to the students how long they spend, however the qualifications board advise 25 hours for Bronze, 50 hours for Silver and 100 hours for Gold. Our tutor team advise how long to spend on each activity, although we encourage students to really gain an interest in an area and explore as much for themselves as for the qualification. Much of this should be done at home, and our tutor team will advise on the tasks.

· What support do the students get?

Our tutor team provide lots of support to the students. In sessions, the Arts Award Administrator goes through the structure of the course and answers any student’s questions. Any activities in sessions which count towards the Arts Award are described to students so they know. Students all have an Office 365 account which gives them access to the Arts Award SharePoint which contains resources for students to use so they know the exact requirements of each section. Outside of session hours, students can contact the Arts Award Administrator via email for any further support they need. The Arts Award Administrator also gives feedback to students via email so they know how they need to improve to make sure they will pass the qualification.

· What resources do the students need?

Students are provided with a PowerPoint which gives the exact requirements for each section. At home, students will need to be able to do research and write up their work. They can do this on paper or do this on the computer (the Microsoft Office suite is provided free of charge on their Office account). They also may choose to download some software for their arts development.

· Where do they send their work to?

They can submit their work via email to the Arts Award Administrator or alternatively can themselves upload their work to their SharePoint which they will be given details of in sessions.

· What are the deadlines?

These will be described in sessions – it is paramount students stick to these if they wish for their work to be submitted. These are usually due for the Easter of the academic year they begin the award to give time for moderation.

· What should I do if my child is struggling/doesn’t know what to do?

Please contact the Arts Award Administrator regarding any concerns, and they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

· How long does it take for the qualification to come through?

We can only submit a certain number each year so it can take a number of months for the qualification to come through. Certificates to all successful students will be handed out in sessions when we receive them.

· How accessible is this qualification?

Extremely – students can work in whatever format they wish, and is tailored to their interests. Any questions about accessibility can be submitted to the Arts Award Administrator.

· What should I do if my child doesn’t want to do it?

Please let the Arts Award Administrator – it is optional however we strongly encourage students to take part, particularly as we have some time in sessions devoted to the award.

· My child already has the Bronze, is this an issue?

Not at all – please let us know and we can start your child on the Silver Award.

If you have any other questions regarding Arts Award please click here to email our Arts Award Administrator