About Us

Young Technicians CIC is a scheme that delivers lessons and practical experience for young people in lighting, sound, stage production and management. The man driving the scheme forward is Pino Soccio. Pino has worked in the industry both on stage, in touring bands, and off stage, in lighting and sound production, for over 20 years; and as a Music and Performing Arts technician in a secondary school for 7 years. Launching in Whittlesey and now operating in school and centres across Peterborough, Sawtry, Whittlesey, Ramsey, Chatteris, Fenland, and Cambridgeshire. Pino shares an ambition to roll the scheme out across Cambridgeshire. Recent successes include the graduation of the first Young Technician to an apprentice position with the BBC.

Now working closely with the Yaxley Partnership, the Young Technicians are looking forward to expanding across the region. Our team of experienced industry professionals are dedicated to providing exciting and refreshingly pro-active training to our Young Technicians. We take the time to research, teach and deliver in completely new and innovative ways . We’re here to help our Young Technicians succeed in becoming the industry’s future.